What is NewsScape..?

NewsScape is an information engineering project with the aim of organising Facebook - and then the internet at large - by topic channels. There is nothing quite like it, we think.

NewsScape is not aiming to be an encyclopedia - if Lord NewsScape (the boss) was forced to find an analogy, he would describe it as a trip to the pub, where friends, acquaintances and strangers gather to engage in an informal exchange of opinions on random topics. Some posts are posed "contentiously" in order to wake up the discussion, and some are unashamedly designed as crowd pleasers.

Each topic channel is a Facebook page (not group, although channels may also have associated groups) which follows a simple and obvious nomenclature.

There is no effective limit to the number of these channels. The skill of NewsScape curation will be to minimise the number of channels required to create an overall information browsing environment - ie the "NewsScape" - that can collect all the most significant content in the smallest number of channels.

The simple idea is that curators and editors share items they find scattered around the web (not just facebook) into the relevant channel or channels. Some items will be relevant to more than just the obvious topic - such as the digest channels of theweek and thebestof

We hope is to keep this process entirely human-powered. There are many automated algorithm-driven searches, gather and compilation systems - which have some value, but lack the "managed serendipity" as opposed to a random factor that results where the human factor is present.

The ability of the human brain to parallel process disparate ideas and information whilst also remaining open to eclectic suggestions and distractions in a rich target environment is all that sets us apart from the Facebook and Google advert targeting process (we hope).

Please note that you don't need to be designated admin or editor in order to contribute; and most channels are set up to receive input from any users, subject to approval.