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About NewsScape's philosophy: a pragmatic voice for the silent majority...

Every now and then, we see a post that stops us dead in our tracks. Never mind a hilarious firework launch demo, the picture here is what NewsScape is actually all about.

The role of an honest news/information broker is to explain and present the facts, and for you to say what you want about them - and occasionally step in when facts are misrepresented in opinions. Outrageous 'halftruth" spin (fake news) is at last being recognised to be more insidious than obvious old-fashioned lies.

The substitution of proper professional journalism by user generated social media content is largely to blame.

That said, when a once respected operation like the BBC gets caught with its pants down (like Sir James Savile apparently was many times when BBC blind eyes were being turned - according to many who were told to look the other way) it lost all credibility. Professional journalists or not, the Cliff Richard “trial by helicopter” ought to have lead to wholesale sackings and new brooms at every level. But it didn’t, and the whole of British journalism's credibility suffered as a result. 

We figure that the "silent majority" usually makes the right calls, even if the BBC and the urban establishment elite does not... so please continue to help to like/share/recommend all the NewsScape pages, as we help the silent majority to clear it's throat, and find a voice amongst all the noise and name calling.

This noise has been deliberately created to shout down, distract, dilute and frustrate the silent majority - but with your help, NewsScape  can help filter and drown out the malicious misdirection by well-organised vociferous minorities, that manage to shout above their weight.

We especially want to deal with the way a self-appointed elite is still trying to propagate the impression that anyone that is not in synch with their narrow view of the world must be an uneducated extremist right-wing racist ...but that it’s acceptable to be an emotionally incontinent “snowflake” and abandon all sense of proportion - and old fashioned common sense.

This acceptance and promotion of the bullying approach of Cultural Marxism is the real and present danger - it is important to expose its abuse of manipulative psychology, and return to common sense and civility. The notion that our "echo chamber" universities can "no platform" anyone (at all) is preposterous - especially when they are prepared to back up these decisions with violent demonstrations.

At NewsScape –a loose federation of sensible people, all of whom have earned their living from professional journalism at some time in their lives - we acknowledge and work with diversity as a fact of 21st century life.

We like a good curry and we like a good Chinese. We like having our fruit and veg picked; we like the imported enterprise culture that keeps corner shops open all hours when many indigenous workers would have gone home. We like having staff in our hospitals and care homes. We like that plumbers and builders operate in a more competitive market. We like smart girls that want to take on roles in what is increasingly less of a man's world.

But we don't like sink estates - and now cities - abandoned by local authorities and our formerly “wonderful” police to local mob rule. Possibly because the modern police are preoccupied by scanning Twitter for offensive tweets... We don’t like that many occupants of the lower levels of British society have been serially let down by recent governments that have pursued agendas of appeasement, and paying aid millions to nations like India who really don’t need our money any longer.

We also love being British. We love the British values of tolerance and reticence. We love the fact that being British means that we can accept people whoever they are, but we also cherish the fact that we have our own unique British identity and we don't like the fact that identity is being diluted and eroded. Maybe this is a reflection of the success of the English language, which is the world's most widely understood international medium for written and spoken communication?

We don’t like large companies (especially telcos!) that have callcentres in India yet are allowed to operate UK office hours and close when us Brits most want to speak with them. We especially do not like BT, who have cynically exploited a virtual monopoly for many years, and have been an impediment to the UK's urgent need to become a global IT leader.

We don’t like large companies and organisations that intentionally make it nearly impossible to contact them, so we give up in despair. We fear that most bank managements are a toxic blend of incompetence, greed and stupidity.

And we especially don't like it when proper iron manhole covers are nicked for scrap.

We’ll get onto what we think about our "thought police" telling us what we can and cannot think and say in a subsequent bulletin. They’ll probably be round here in a minute anyway…

Yours etc
Lord NewsScape.


The NewsScape Federation Mission...

To evolve a better and more intuitive way to organise the internet - and especially honour Sir Tim Berners Lee's original idea that it should be available to level the playing field by providing opportunities for all - not just gated and intensively farmed communities, built from echo chambers with occupants fed on clickbait, whose personal data is harvested and sold to advertisers.

TBL was coy about naming names, Lord NewsScape is not. The factory farms where fake news and all manner of mischief takes place are those owned and managed by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Ebay etc!

Healthy capitalist economies of grew in an era of (some) competition, where "anti-trust laws" existed - to prevent precisely these types of abusive monopolies arising. There was once legislation that forced the break-up of cartels and monopolies - but the process (and what is left of it) was ponderous and slow moving, and tech was not. 

As a result, massive global businesses now wield more money and influence than most governments. 

The intuitive NewsScape channel scheme allows us to delegate full or partial responsibility for any channel to anyone that can demonstrate they share the federation ethos and objectives.

Yes, it's basically a structured and managed domain name scheme that cannot be perverted (like the original) by being sold on the basis of first come-first served - and then traded amongst speculators with overwhelming cash.



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